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Steve Barclay – Join

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Produced for the Cascade Co-Mission Celebration on Jan 25, 2014, this video illustrates how someone can join in an initiative of the church by utilizing their skills/gifts to help the church love the community to life. Steve loves people and he loves to connect people.  Watch how he does that to help our church bless this school.

Janet Waidelich – Bloom

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During the Cascade Co-Mission Celebration on Jan 25th, 2014, we had a chance to show this video to illustrate how God can use someone to “bloom” where they are planted. In this case we were able to show Janet Waidelich and the great way she blesses those around her.

Poway Secret Service – Start

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This video was produced for the Cascade Co-Mission Celebration on Jan 25, 2014. As you’ll see in this video, Steve Vaus had an idea that was rather ingenious, and not terrible complicated to bring together. We think this is a great example of how someone can start something new resulting in fresh ways to bless the community they live in.

Cascade Co-Mission Celebration Report

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Dinner in the Fellowship Hall

Dinner in the Fellowship Hall

It is hard to imagine how the evening could have gone any better. On Saturday, January 25th at RBCPC, the Cascade Team hosted a sit down dinner to help people understand how God can use each of us uniquely in his work of bringing a “foretaste” of the kingdom into the present. Dr. Amy Sherman delivered a great talk, complete with illustrations for each of the four pathways that a person can take to be “on mission with God.”

We had a chance to produce and show four videos of people in our midst and a respective pathway. We’ve posted them here so you can see them again.

  1. Bloom – Janet Waidelich
  2. Volunteer/Donate – Ellen Norton
  3. Start – Steve Vaus
  4. Join – Steve Barclay

We were thankful for Daphne Hagan and her wonderful work in assembling the booklet containing some of the stories we were able to capture of people loving our community to life. Denise Zogby got her Tues morning women’s discipleship group to help assemble beautiful floral center pieces. Thanks to the hardworking staff of RBCPC and of course we must thank the great people on the Cascade team.

Ellen Norton – Volunteer

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During the Cascade Co-Mission Celebration on Jan 25th, 2014, we had a chance to show this video to illustrate how God can use someone to bless others through their vocational abilities.  In this case we were able to show Ellen Norton, a physical therapist, find a way to bless others south of the border.

What skills, training, abilities, gifts, talents, interests do you have?  How might you bless someone with these “graces” upon your life?


Loving Others to Life – Nominations

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We are excited about telling the stories of the many “ordinary” people doing extraordinary things. Far too often, we can tend to think that serving God is the work of specially trained professionals. This view is tragic because it tends to devalue the many wonderful things that people in our congregation do, but are not seen as sacred kingdom work.

The purpose of the Cascade Co-Mission Celebration on Jan 25, 2014 is to rethink what it means to serve God in the unique ways that we are wired.  We want to capture and tell the stories to those in our midst that are doing incredible things, but quite frankly, these things might not be widely known.  It may not be celebrated because the people doing it have, appropriately so, a humility that shuns attention.  Or it may not be celebrated because it is not seen as sacred kingdom work.

If you have a little time and would like a fuller explanation of what Cascade does, and to get a glimpse into the four pathways that can help you think about who to nominate, watch this video.

Who Should I Nominate?

We are looking for people who are in or involved with Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church who is loving their city and community to life.  We’d like to learn about and give a glimpse of how God is working through these people in what they are doing.  While we hope these people will be honored, the object of bringing these acts to light is to teach, celebrate and bring glory to God.

Do you know someone that has been faithfully serving as a volunteer in some community endeavor?  Someone that has tirelessly coached basketball, coordinated a softball league, or volunteer organization?  Do you know someone that has quietly volunteered their vocational talent to to bookkeeping for a nonprofit, raise funds for a cause, or provide legal work pro bono?

And before you think we are looking for superheroes, we are also looking for the non-flashy quietly faithful person that works with great faithfulness.  We are looking for people who can embrace their daily work as a faithful way to exercise their gifts for the common good.

How to Nominate

When someone comes to mind, let us know who they are and how you see God at work through them.  We’d love to honor them with an acknowledgment and short interview.  We are planning on producing a lovely printed brochure that functions as part keepsake and part teaching tool.

We’d like to know:

Nominator (you):

  1. Name
  2. Contact info
  3. If you want to remain anonymous to the Nominee

Nominee (them):

  1. Name
  2. How you see God at work through them (deed, service, exercise of a gift/ability/talent, etc.
  3. Contact info

You can now enter this info into a handy form at the church website.

Questions?  Send Geoff Hsu or Shauna Schneider an email.

The YouSchool – Scott Schimmel

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Here at Cascade, we are thrilled to introduce you to the new thing that our own pioneering RBCPC elder Scott Schimmel has been up to. In short, along with some great partners, Scott has developed some terrific curriculum to help equip young adults with the tools they need to better understand themselves, gain clarity about their futures, and fashion a life based from their unique passions, skills, interests and motivation.

At their website, you can get a better sense of what it is, how it works and who the people are that are working with Scott.  It is a must visit for all parents of high school and college students.  The basic idea: with so much time is spent on test-preparation classes, perhaps it is time to help  students understand how they have been uniquely wired and shaped.

This summer the YouSchool is offering their class at RBCPC! It begins July 8th and runs for four consecutive Mondays from 6-9p. Your students, along with their peers, and facilitated by trained YouSchool guides, promises to be a great opportunity to learn about themselves.

Location: Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church 17010 Pomerado Rd. San Diego, CA 92128
Dates: Mondays from 6p-9p beginning July 8, July 15, July 22, and July 29.
Cost: $300 for the four week session.

To sign-up for the summer program:

Sign Up

To download a YouSchool sponsorship form to help raise money to pay for your personal program go:

Sponsorship Form

To download a flyer for this event:


More Info: or call 949-291-9061.


Summer Series 2013: Our Great Exchange

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In Our Great Exchange, Geoff Hsu will be facilitating a 7 week video series that casts a beautiful vision of how to flourish as people by deploying our gifts and lives on mission with Him. Get a preview of the teaching series that our small groups will be offered in the Fall.

oge-logoFrom the website: Why would an all knowing God call us to be stewards of his creation? Why were we granted such a high calling as his stewards? In God’s economy, we indeed play a profound role. With the help of our guide, Pastor Jim Liske, along with seven inspiring stories and key biblical insights, Our Great Exchange takes us on a journey to explore his purposes for our stewardship of all that he created. Ultimately, stewardship is about doing what God calls each of us to do, so we can become the people he created us to be.

Seven powerful small group videos spark your thinking and discussion in your group. Over 75 minutes of additional video, Bible passages, and supplemental content from the NIV Stewardship Study Bible is then delivered daily to your device of choice. All designed for staying connected to the content and your small group throughout the study, and packaged in a flexible structure allowing you to move at your own pace and according to your own learning style.

As residents living and working each day in God’s household, this in-depth, small group study explores why our almighty God entrusts us to be managers of—and collaborators in—his restoration project. This inspiring and insightful journey reveals the characteristics he is cultivating in and through us as we become the people he created us to be.

  • 7 week curriculum on Monday evenings from 7p – 8:15p, beginning July 8th and running until Aug 19th.
  • Location: RBCPC, Dormer East & West.
  • 20-minute weekly video segments
  • Video hosted by Jim Liske and facilitated (live!) with Geoff Hsu
  • Featuring Chuck Colson and six other powerful stories

Bonus: We will also be able to reinforce the weekly teaching session through daily reflections, scriptures, and video clips at  This innovative learning environment should be a great teaching aid and we are excited to employ it at RBCPC.

Please RSVP with Geoff at

The Ideas Behind Cascade

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We are often asked about what Cascade is and what we are about.  We are often able to share bits and pieces about the things we see God doing, but rarely are we able to put all those pieces together in a cohesive way.

Last year we were able to present a few of the ways God is at work in our church through the Cascade initiative.  We have taken  the presentation that we made before leaders within our church and presbytery and distilled it into the video below.  We hope this will at a minimum give an overall framework of what we are doing, and why we are so excited about it.

Distinctive elements:

  • Whose mission are we on?
  • Why is discipleship, otherwise known as spiritual formation, linked to God’s mission?
  • The challenge of combining discipleship and mission.
  • The role of calling and vocation to make the connection between discipleship and mission.
  • Four pathways for people to be on mission with God.

While the video is under 30 minutes, the interactive give and take during a live presentation is a far superior way of understanding these concepts. Feel free to request a presentation for your small group, fellowship group, or even one-on-one coffee.

*** Since the filming of this video, I (Geoff) have had the wonderful opportunity to Acton University, where I’ve been given the tools to rethink my casual use of Tom’s Shoes as an example of “starting something new.”  While at the surface, donating free shoes to needy parts of the world appears to be an idea that is redemptive from a theological lens, it may be harmful from an economic theory lens.  Acton helped put those two disciplines together for me. This video does a better job of explaining my point.

Our Great Exchange

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In Kansas City earlier this month at the Vocation Infusion Learning Community, we were introduced to some wonderful small group curriculum called, Our Great Exchange. Produced by our friends over at the Acton Institute, these seven sessions include some wonderfully instructive videos illustrating several aspects that will help us steward our lives.

The Contents:

  1. Character
  2. Commission
  3. Calling
  4. Compassion
  5. Commitment
  6. Conformity
  7. Celebration

I look forward to using this with a group of people.  Any takers?

Here is the first lesson on Character: